A one-day Workshop: Geothermal Resource Assesment Fundamental for Geoscitist with Jiwa AI System


Date : 24 October 2022
Instructure : Muhammad Sidqi/ Wely Prabata


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Date : 24 October 2022
Instructure : Muhammad Sidqi/ Wely Prabata

  • Why and What are the Goals

The Geoscientist in the geothermal industry is facing big challenges during Resource Assessment since they work with a lot of manual field data. This situation can cause overtime and overbudget during the whole project. Nowadays, AI (Artificial Intelligence) already used to help human with this situation.

JIWA AI System, that developed by AILIMA, is integrated geothermal software that use cloud computing system. This software can be used by Geoscientist on Resource Assessment to estimate the potential field resources. The AI technology that integrated in JIWA AI System can help Geoscientist to have better analysis and decision making. By using JIWA AI System, Geoscientst can help their respected company to reduce uncertainty, managing risk and promoting optimization.

  • Instructor

Muhammad Sidqi

Lead Subsurface & Engineering at AILIMA. Sidqi was instrumental at the R&D of AILIMA integrated geothermal software (database, analytics, modelling and machine learning). His works with JIWA AI System has been published in Stanford University. Sidqi has strong background in geothermal chemistry and geology, with experience working collaboratively with cross-functional team to bring innovation through digitalization for the geothermal communities.

  • Who is this training course for?

Geophysicists, geochemists, geologists, and reservoir Engineer from all level, even the beginner

  • Workshop Impact

JIWA AI System technology has been used from exploration to operation for some respected geothermal companies. By understanding and mastering this technology, the geoscientist will have reliable tools to work for better efficiency and effectivens on Geothermal resource assessment.

  • Workshop Delivery

“This workshop will be delivered in 1 day, that divided by 2 part.

Part 1: Introduction to Geothermal Energy, Geothermal Exploration Phase, Basic Resource Assessment, Overview of Resource Assessment Methods applied in Geothermal Industry, Heat-loss (brief), Power Density, Volumetric Stored Heat, Heat & Mass Balance (brief), Reservoir Numerical Simulation (brief), Resource Assessment Application

Part 2: Overview of JIWA AI System, Brief Introduction to Monte Carlo Simulation. Participants will have access to JIWA AI System and guided by instructor on using JIWA AI System. Some case study will be provided, such as: Resource Estimation with JIWA Power Density during Preliminary Survey, Resource Estimation with JIWA Volumetric during Detailed 3G Survey in Liquid-Dominated Reservoir, Resource Estimation with JIWA Volumetric during Exploration Drilling in Liquid-Dominated Reservoir & Vapor – Dominated Reservoir”.


Hari/TanggalWaktu (WIB)MateriPIC
Senin, 24 Oktober 202209.00 – 12.00Resource Assessment in Geothermal IndustryMS
12.00 – 13.00Lunch BreakAILIMA
13.00 – 16.00Interactive Case Study with JIWA AI SystemMS