A one-day Workshop: Pemodelan Air Tanah untuk Rekayasa Geologi Teknik dan Bencana Geologi


Date : 24 October 2022
Instructure : Ahmad Taufiq


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Date : 24 October 2022

Instructure : Ahmad Taufiq


• Why and what are the goals?
In the last 5 years, landslides are one of the geological disasters that often occur in Indonesia. Landslides can occur on a naturally formed slope or on the body of a dam. One of the causes of landslides is the presence of groundwater which can reduce the value of shear strength which can increase the possibility of landslides. Another geological disaster related to groundwater is liquefaction. Liquefaction events can be caused by loose rock layers, shallow groundwater levels, and earthquakes that trigger liquefaction.
Through groundwater modeling, it can be seen the behavior of groundwater in the form of the distribution of the groundwater table and groundwater flow. This known ground water behavior can be used as a basis for the preparation of engineering geological engineering steps in dealing with geological disasters. Therefore, in this training, groundwater modeling will be carried out which is expected to be applied as a basis in the preparation of engineering steps in mitigating geological disasters related to the presence of groundwater.

• Instructor
Dr. Ahmad Taufiq, S.T., M.T., Ph.D. is a hydrogeologist and a professional in the field of groundwater. He took a bachelor’s degree in Geological Engineering, ITB then continued his master’s stage in Groundwater Engineering, ITB and received a double degree, i.e. Ph.D and Doctoral degrees. His Ph.D degree was obtained from Kumamoto University, Japan with the field of Earth and Environmental Science and his Doctorate degree was obtained from the Bandung Institute of Technology with the field of Geological Engineering.
He is active in several professional organizations, such as the International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH) as a member, the Association of Indonesian Geologists (IAGI) as a member of hydrogeology expertise, the Association of Indonesian Groundwater Experts (PAAI) in the cooperation division, and the Association of Indonesian Hydraulic Engineers (HATHI) in the field of raw ground water.
Apart from being active in various professional organizations, he is also active in education and scientific work. Several activities in the education field, namely as the Advisory Board of the Masters Study Program in Groundwater Engineering, ITB and the Advisory Group of the WIMEK Graduate School, Wageningen University, The Netherlands. In the scientific work, he is active as an editorial board and reviewer in several journals and bulletins.

• Who is this training course for?
Participants with a minimum bachelor’s degree background in geology, geophysics, mining engineering, civil engineering, and environmental engineering.

Workshop impact
Groundwater modeling using MODFLOW has been widely used in the field of groundwater, including in the mining industry, groundwater, and environmental hydrogeology. MODFLOW is the U.S. Geological Survey modular finite-difference flow model, which is a computer code that solves the groundwater flow equation. The program is used by hydrogeologists to simulate the flow of groundwater through aquifers.

• Workshop delivery
The learning methods in this workshop are an explanation of groundwater modeling by the instructor, the practice of using software in preparing groundwater modeling, and discussions. This activity will be delivered in Indonesian with examples of cases in Indonesia.